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Inanimate Alice

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Inanimate Alice is a fantastic resource for digital storytelling! Written and directed by the award-winning novelist Kate Pullinger and digital artist Chris Joseph, Inanimate Alice has multiple episodes that increase in complexity and interactivity.

My students were motivated and responded enthusiastically to each episode and the excellent resources sourced from the Inanimate Alice website were of great value. I challenged my students to create their own episode of Inanimate Alice based in a setting of their choice. The students planned their story, created story boards and wrote the text and then used a tool of their own choice to create their episode. We discussed things such as copyright, trying to include interactive features, the need to keep to the style of the original episodes and trying to come up with a problem that related to their chosen setting.

Below are some of their episodes. Some were created with Powerpoint and others with Keynote.  Some of their interactive features have been lost in uploading them but you will get an idea of what they created. Please feel free to leave comments on their efforts.

Others can be viewed from my slideshare page.

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